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Full Version: What Guides Would You Like To See?
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Everyone here should be familier with our guides page here on, and if you're not, you should check it out before asking questions here.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions for guides on topics not currently covered in the guides section? I'm looking to create some more guides, but I want them to be useful to the users that visit this site for help. Please post any ideas you have, and I will look into them to see what to do.

On a side note, i'm working on a TV Tuner guide for linux seeing how I just purchased a new tuner and got it working great in linux.
i am in the process of writing up a more in depth guide to mysql possibly
applying it to a apache/mysql/php guide....ya i know they this guide has
been written many times but i figured i would go further in depth.

i wrote a rdesktop guide but have to re-send it to joey.

i working on a dhcp server guide as well.
Sounds exciting, i'm looking forward to reading those when they are completed.
One day I'll be rich and able to work on the site 8 hours a day :)

Oh well, at least the forums are being used...

I think I should give you guys access to the box/site and let you make the updates/etc :)
yup that would make updating it alot easier on each of us....especially
with guides and updates


do you know that the random tips arent working....
or is it that it is pulling the same tip every time
odd its just pulling the same tip over and over from the DB.

I should just remove it from the site and shove a nice big banner ad there smile.gif
i could take a look at it....
what about site/box access?
Yeah, access to the box would be nice, i'm sure we're good enough with webpage design to not screw anything up. The forums are way more popular then I thought they would be.
i agree...
not like we are the beginners or anything....been around for a while now....
give me a week or so to set things up for you two. smile.gif
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