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Full Version: Bootup Issue.
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When I first boot my computer I get a GRUB error message. I haven't even installed grub, I use LILO.

I'm using Slackware 10.0 w/ Linux 2.4.xx

I previously attempted a Gentoo installation, and that used GRUB, but I never got it working.

How can I correct the computer at startup?
when attempting to set up Gentoo you probably installed GRUB into the hard-drive's Master Boot Record and GRUB will pop-up until you fix the MBR; one way to do it is to reinstall Slackware and put LILO in the MBR (right now it is probably sitting in the first sector of your /boot or root partition);

another way is to boot from a Linux CD and use "rescue" option; sorry but that solution is beyond my knowledge, but look around this Forum, i have seen posts explaining the use of "rescue" mode;

it is not much, but might be usefull;

good luck

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