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Hi Peoples,
I am having a little trouble getting JRE2 to run with Firefox 0.9 on RH EL3. I have uncompressed and run the rpm provided by, and successfully installed JRE2 but when I then run firefox to test I get the message telling me to download and install the plugin for java.

I have read the cryptic doco provided on about hooking the plugin into firefox with a linked directory, but these instructions are for RH 7 & 8 rather than EL 3, and I haven't much through search engines on the topic.

Anybody had a similar issue or have an idea about where I can go from here?

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OK, It seems nobody has any ideas...

But I have done a bit of searching and found that I need to run the javaws shell script while invoking some .jnlp files but I have, so far, been unable to locate anything that resembles jnlp in my filesystem.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated and may warrant a bribery gift of some sort.

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OK ...

does the java plugin show up when you type this in the address bar:


If the plugin is not there, find the firefox plugins directories ... on my system, it is at:


(other installs may vary ... maybe /usr/lib/firefox/plugins)

Also find your JRE directory ... on my system it is:


There is a plugin directory which is at

(if you can't find the directory ... use the command:
find / -name

now go to your firefox plugin directory (in a terminal window as root) ... in my case, like this:

cd /usr/lib/MozillaFirefox/plugins/

create a link to the mozilla java plugin (from within the firefox plugin directory)... in my case like this:

ln -s /opt/blackdown-jdk-1.4.2_rc1/jre/plugin/i386/mozilla/ .

see if the java plugin shows up now when typing:


then pressing return...
For opening files that end in .jnlp files (that is, java web start files) ... first find your javaws executable ... mine is at:


Find a site that has that type of file ... like at and click on a file that ends with .jnlp and when asked, say open with and put /opt/blackdown-jdk-1.4.2_rc1/jre/bin/javaws in as the program to open it with....and check always open with this program.
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