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Full Version: Upgrading Windows On A Dual Boot
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trying to upgrade, well not technically an upgrade, installing windows xp clean where i have 98 installed now. problem is, windows is gonna erase my boot records and cause me to reinstall fedora, correct? any way around this? graci
Windows doesn't give you anyway around it. Your just going to have to buck up, let it happen, and than reinstall Grub.

The first disk of your Fedora ISO set should have the ability to do that from the rescue promt, but I am not sure, if you can't from there, there are other ways to do it.
XP will overwrite the MBR. After you get the XP partition booting and everything XP working, you can fix the MBR the way it was:

Boot from the fedora core install CD-1 ... and after it mounts the current partition as /mnt/sysimage, you can do (from the prompt after mounting):

chroot /mnt/sysimage /bin/bash

at the new prompt, issue the command:


Now you should be at the grub prompt .... issue this command:

setup (hd0)

That should rewrite the grub setup to MBR.

then type the command quit to exit the grub prompt, exit to leave the chroot, and exit again to reboot.
You can also instead use bootpart to boot Linux via the WinXP boot.ini file. (instructions)
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