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I successfully got Mandrake installed. Though I seem to have a problem with connecting to the internet. I use a powerline box which is networking that goes through power outlets. I don;t think that the box uses any drivers so I'm guessing its the way I set up the LAN connection. Can any one help me with setting the connection up?

I'm guessing that I'm messing something up with the configuration process. Like the DHCP and other options.
How does the powerline interface connect to the PC, USB, Parallel port, PCI card etc?
What is the model# of the powerline adapter?
What does the rest of the network hardware look like?
What type of internet connection are you using?

I would say that a driver is required for the network adapter.
1. It connects from with an ethernet cord.
2. It's Siemens powerline adapter is model number SS2502
3. There is another powerline adapater to bridge the connection, which then connects to the D-Link router.
4. Verizon DSL
No special driver required if its an ethernet interface. I haven't been able to find any real information but it appears to be just an interface converter from TCP/IP -> powerline.

Have you tried using the Mandrake Control Center networking GUI to configure your network card? Also, look at the hardware center to confirm you network card is recognized and be sure to set the gateway to your router's address.
I tried the configuration wizard and no luck.

I tried DHCP and the router was'nt assigning an IP address. I'll try again.
Thanks for the help.

Do you mind sending me that link you found?
Don't remember the link, just googled for ss2502 and browed a few of the hits.

If DHCP is the problem try configuring a static IP address. I belive that D-link uses as the routers IP address (verify with the manual). If the network module is loading you should be able to configure a static IP address: (You need to be logged in as root)

ifconfig eth0 netmask up

To configure the router as a gateway:
route add default gw

You can confirm the settings by the commands:
ifconfig eth0
netstat -nr

If the output of fails to indicate anything for eth0 then we will have to troubleshoot futher. You should be able to ping the router:

You should be able to access the internet. If all of that works then we need to troubleshoot why DHCP is failing.
Didnt work.
What didn't work?

What type of network card is installed in the PC?
Look at the output of dmesg. Do you see anything that relates to the network card?
What is the output of lsmod?
What is the output of lspci?
Nividia nForce MCP Networking card.

Anything I do it says it's busy.
OK ... which version of mandrake (9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 10.0, etc) ... and what is your kernel (do the command uname -r in a command window and post the results.

The card is built on to the motherboard, right?

Nforce motherboards require software be installed to use them on kernels before 2.4.22...
it's ok I solved the problem.
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