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Full Version: Network Setup Confirmation
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Hi !
I will like to network 2 pcs with linux together. I have not tried networking before,not even in Windows. So I will like to confirm the general steps to setting up a network with Linux.

Here goes: 1) Install network cards on each pc
2) Connect using network cable
3) Make sure linux recognizes the network card
4) Use the Network Connection Wizard in redhat linux 8 GUI
to setup the network

Are the general steps listed above correct or did I miss any? Also,do i need any extra info to setup the network?

Please reply.....Thanks!!
There's a bit more to it then just plugging in the two PC's.

First off, if you're using Ethernet with an rj45 cable, then it needs to be a crossover cable. Crossover cables differ from the "out-of-the-box" cables because some of the wires are reversed. Information on creating one can be found here. There are some places that sell cross-over cables if you don't want to make it yourself, check out your local computer place. Other options include purchasing a Hub, I would suggest this because hubs are very easy to maintain and to setup. A 3rd options is using Cat 5 cables (the ones that are a spitting image of TV Cable), these can be networked peer-to-peer (that is, one computer directly to another) with the aid of terminators.

If you choose the "hub" method, you can just plug your computers into the hub slots, and your internet connection, if broadband, can be plugged into the uplink slot. Then you can proceed in using the network configuration to set up your local lan. You will want to use local ip addresses for this, I'd say redhat will do this for you.
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