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Full Version: Defualt Group Permissions
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I was just curious to know if the group already created by FC2, apache, is used for anyone I want editing pages for the web server (assuming I only have 1 domain) or ... if the apache group is a group used for the system and I should create a new group?

ie Assign web editors to the group apache or not? And with that, give the group 'rwx' permission?

I do that for a couple VERY trusted people ... but if it is for more than a few people (or for people who you don't know extremely well...), I would do something else.
I usually set up virtualhosts's even for the main default site and create a directory seperate from anything else i.e.


In that directory I create a group called mydomain

groupadd mydomain

add my users for that domain to the group mydomain

then setup some rwx permissions on the directory and finally set a sgid so that all files created within that directory are group owned by mydomain which will allow others to make modifications to your files within that group.

chmod g+s
Thanks for the ideas! I think I will create virtual domain(s) with distinct groups, may make it easier in the end.

Cheers smile.gif
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