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I have installed a ScanDisk Card reader for my memory card for my dig. camera. How do I access it. It is there I am guessng since I have found it listed in Harddrake. I would like to access the photos on the card. Any help/information is greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.
It is probably listed as sda1 in mandrake...

(USB or Firewire devices are normally SCSI devices .... and the first one is sda1).

Create a mount point like this:

mkdir /mnt/camera

then mount the device into the directory like this:

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/camera

Then you should be able to read info from the directory /mnt/camera.
If that isn't the right device ... post any items the output of the command:

dmesg | less

That have to do with SCSI or usb...
I am guessing that i do this is the shell and at the command line. Are these the same??? I tried it in the shell/command line(CTRL-ALT-F1) and it says "bash: mkdir/mnt/camera: No such file or directory". Any help appreciated. Thanks.
yes ... as root from the console / shell (as root)

BUT ... you didn't put a space between mkdir and /mnt/camera

in the second command there is a space between mount and /dev/sda1 ... and another one between /dev/sda1 and /mnt/camera

The easiest thing to do is to open a terminal (menu - system - terminal) and copy / paste the commands in ...
It worked so far. Thanks so much for your help. The icon(Hard Disk) showed up on my desktop. I clicked on it. And Konqueror loaded up with this in the menu bar --file:/mnt/removable-- I know there are pics on there. How do I bring them up. Thanks again!!
Thanks for all your help. I got it to work. I was able to download the images from the card onto the computer after I restarted it. Again, Thank you. Don't be surprised if you see other posts from me as I learn how to use this program. The next one will be in regards to installing Fllashplayer 7. Talk to you all later.

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