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Full Version: Source Directory-where Is It
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New to Linux(Mandrake 10.0). Where is the Source Directory. I would like to install Digikam and according to the README file- I need to do it from the Source Directory. Thanks for any help and information.
Source directory is where you uncompressed the file too.

Since it is asking that particular item im assuming you downloaded a package that will need to be installed from source to do this goto your shell and un-compress the package you downloaded

next cd into that uncompressed package directory type




finally su to get into root user and type

make install
what is "cd". I haven't heard/seen that before. I downloaded it to the desktop. I am guessing I type <Desktop> in the "directory" location??

Perhaps a bit of research on your part is necessary would you please check out this link

It will run you through some hands-on training to learning the basics of Linux

I hope this guide will help you in solving other similar issues you may run into
Thanks. I will take a look at it.
cd means change directory ... it is a command that you type in a terminal window in Linux (or dos) to move to another directory.

Please read our newbies FAQ for some that and some other basic info for linux as well ... hey, we all started sometime smile.gif


Instead of building Digikam from source, you probably want to install the RPM version for Mandrake 10.x.

First, you should configure urpmi to be able to do updates (as per instructions in this thread).

(all commands are to be typed in a terminal window as root)

(you may need to find a closer mirror than the one listed in my example ... make sure to use the 10.0 path and not the 9.2 path for the mirror)

Once urpmi is configured, you can install the latest version of digkam with the command (in a terminal window as root):

urpmi.update -a
urpmi digikam
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