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Full Version: Installation Of Flashplayer/command Line
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unsure.gif Help, I am a newby to Linux. I am using Mandrake 10.0 and Like it very much. Having problems installing downloaded programs. Flashplayer 7 didn't install from the discs so I downloaded it from the web. It says "In the command line" type flashplayer- installer". I do this this and I get "-bash ./flashplayer no such directory". I am guessing I am missing an important step. I believe I found the command line by hitting CTRL-ALT-F1 and signing in. Any information will be helpful.

If you downloaded the flashplayer from you'll need to log into your shell by clicking the shell icon (not sure where its located in mandrake) and go into your root account by typing

su -
type root password when it asks

Next you'll need to cd into the directory where you downloaded the flash-player

cd /<directory>/<of>/<flashplayer>/

Next type

tar -zxvf flashplayer.tar.gz

assuming its a gzip compressed file (ending in gz) if it ends in (bzip) try tar -xjvf fileplayer.bzip2

once done it will create a flashplayer directory

cd into that directory

type ./flash (at this point you should be able to hit your <tab> key for autocompleting the file name)

and it will begin the install

You'll need to install the plugins into the /usr/lib/mozilla<version> directory to enable plugins for all users.

Hope this helps
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