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Full Version: Tar File Problem!
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I use RedHat Linux 8.0 and want to install drivers for the external iomega zip 100mb drive. Hence I went to the iomega website and downloaded the driver for linux.

I booted into linux and went to the command line. I followed the website's instructions and typed : tar xzvf"iwclcontainer-Inx-x86-10.tgz" LinuxZip..tar ( LinuxZip..tar is the name I gave to the downloaded file).

However,the following reply appeared - tar:Old option 'g' requires an argument.

I seeked the tar help file and tried this combination: tar -xf LinuxZip. But the reply was - tar:LinuxZip:Cannot open:No such file or directory.

Lastly,I returned to the Gnome GUI and tried to open the file with File Roller. The message "Error occured while loading the archieve" appeared. I clicked on the command line output button and the message was "tar: This does not look like a tar archieve".

So,you know the solution to this problem ? The file should be a tar file cos its properties dialog box said so. Besides this file was downloaded from the iomega website. Please reply quickly if you can..Thanks !!
I don't know where this "iwclcontainer-Inx-x86-10.tgz" part came from, but if the filename of the archive you downloaded was "LinuxZip.tgz" then you can just type:

tar zxvf LinuxZip.tgz

..and it should create a new directory and extract the files into it. Make sure that the filename you type is exactly what you downloaded.
Rename your LinuxZip.tar file to LinuxZip.tgz then try it
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