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Can jigdo be used to download Mandrake,Fedora and other distro's or shall i use another download manager like Download accelerator Plus.
If jigdo can can i have some links to a site that has .jigdo files.
What Browser are you using? Mozilla and Firefox have their own built in download managers.
i am using internet explorer i currently have redhat 9 but i heard mandrake 10 was was better
i am downloading the images in windows.
actually, I like to use bittorrent to download most of my ISO files, if the ISO is available that way.

There are many different versions ... the one I use is BitTornado.

There is a Windows and Linux/BSD Client.

You can download Mandrake 10 Official using BitTorrent from here:
Some notes about bittorrent:

1. Initally (for the first 10-15 minutes usually) the download rate for BT is bad ... and you may be sending up alot more than you are getting down ... but for me, after 10-15 minutes, I usually saturate my download line at 500-700 kB/sec.

2. BitTornado has the ability to limit your upload rate ... make sure you set it to allow a max upload rate that is no more than 80% of your upload bandwidth. This is because with TCP/IP, packets have to be acknowledged, and if all your upload bandwidth is taken .... the AWK can't happen and your download speed can slow down dramatically (See the documentation section of the BitTornado site for a more detailed explaination).
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