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I am trying to get other users to get access to the root account or any other account for that matter.
I also need to get back my gnome panel.
i am using RED HAT 9
Why do you want users to have access to the root acount? You really don't want that. I mean any body with the root password can become super user by typing su at the promt, but you really want to limit root usage as much as possible, thats a real quick way to screw up your system.

What exactly are you trying to acomplish, we could help you out a little better.
i downloaded Fluxbox in the root account and i want other users to have access to it
How are the other users accessing the computer ... by logging in at the keyboard ... or via the connecting network and a client?

If logging in via the keyboard, if you are using a display manager and have installed fluxbox, it should be an option (Just like KDE or GNOME) at the Display Manager screen.

Each user would need to setup their desktop seperately, but should have fluxbox as an option.

If you want each user to use the same user account (not a good idea ... you will be sharing e-mail, internet shortcuts, and all other items) then you should pick a less dangerous account than root to share as the main account.
I need more specific info about your setup to provide a more specific answer.
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