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Full Version: Apache - Blocked On Non-localhost
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Hi, First off, I'm a newbie.

I just installed FC2 and I am trying to get apache going. It serves pages on the local box, but when I try to access the server from another computer I get "The Page Cannot Be Displayed". I have 2 ethernet cards on the box (wondering if that might be the problem). I can ping the FC2 box from other computers (using same IP as the webserver) but just can't access the web pages. I've turned the Firewall on (with HTTP checked) and off to try both options.

Before this, I was using Windows IIS and everything worked fine so I don't believe it is a external routing issue.

I had Samba configured and working, but since then I've totally disabled the "intranet" ethernet card for troubleshooting purposes and now only have the one card connected directly to my DSL modem.

I'm not using the virtual hosts yet and have not changed the default directories so the pages should be being served from /var/www/html

I've tried setting the permissions in that directory to different settings, but that doesn't seem to do anything....

Any Ideas would be appreciated (I'm sure its a simple problem I'm overlooking).
You mention your DSL modem... are you trying to access things over the internet and through your DSL modem? If so, it's possible you ISP disabled web ports (eg. 80).
I don't think that is the case. I had a Win32 IIS server running on port 80 the day before and I have tried a couple of alternate port numbers with no success.
Curious what does iptables -L show in your console could you paste it here or better yet, paste the contents of /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Believe this to be a firewall issue
For some reason it started working... who knows what I did. I opened the file permissions to 'full everything' turned off the firewall 'iptable was almost empty' and kicked the computer, restarted httpd and poof... started working.. then I of course "sealed" everything back up....

I don't know HOW many times I tried different combonations of things... must be newbie gremlins!

Thank you for your help anyway.... smile.gif
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