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Full Version: Adding ./ To The Path?
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Is it possible to add the current directory to the end of the list of places linux checks when I type in a command? I know that DOS has this enabled by default, and it seems more natural personally, than typing ./, as I haven't been typing ./ in DOS for the last 13 years. What would this break, if I made it so in Linux? How can I enable that for this session, and how, for every session?
Topic number two!

libiconv is preventing the installation of a buncha things. other things are stopped by sdl.

I managed to get Java installed, and xmms too, but I had to do it from the CLI. WebStart still won't work, and that's sad. I refuse to believe that Lindows is better than Mandrake! I am updating the OS at the moment though. Slowly but surely. Mayhaps there's a faster server I should be using.

speed = 0. Perhaps indeed!
It is generally considered a bad thing to have the current directory in the path.

Really, its just for security reasons. It's also fairly handy to be sure you know you're running something in the current directory.

That said, you can add the current directory (as in, . ) to the path by editing your .bashrc file (or equivalent if you use some other shell).

You do get used to it though. The majority of the time, you're not running things out of the current directory anyways.
edit ypur ~/.bashrc file and put following lines in it:
export PATH

this should work
If you have java installed, use javaws to run jnlp porgrams.

In mozilla, use it as a helper program ... javaws in located in your JRE's bin directory.

If you're not sure where that is ... run these commands:


and when that is finished, run:

locate javaws

When you get the full path to javaws ... go into mozilla and add it as a helper program for .jnlp files.

Lindows isn't better than anything ... IMHO !
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