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Full Version: I Just Messed Everything Up :(
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I have Red Hat 7.3 using Gnome. Unfortuantely I did something wrong. Now, when I load Gnome none of my desktop icons are there. Why not? How do I get them back?

Secondly, my computer used to boot Linux and flash the command-prompt login before loading Gnome's login manager. Now, it just stops at the prompt and I am forced to type "startx" each time. What changed?

And finally (sorry I should really stop asking so many stupid questions), why do I have to have a password? Is there a way I can use it without having to type in a six-digit password each time?


first of all I think your icons are lost because when your computer starts up in init 3 that non graphichal mode , you log in as root, and you probably used some other user name for your account.

In order to fix this.... you need to start up your computer , log in as root

cd /etc/
vi inittab

press I to go into insert mode (to be able to add edit remove stuff), press ESC then type :wq to save the changes and quit.

and there is a line id::3 (or something similair, sorry writing from WinXP computer).

and change it to 5.
now type

login with your user name

if you look closely, you can find in the GNOME a option for LOGIN SCREEN , and there you can enable automatic login (don't do this if your computer is not at home... and never do it with root!), you simply enable this, and it will automaticaly enter linux with that user name , you won't have to bother with a password.

Robert B
Thanks, fixed icons etc, tried turning on autologin from Gnome but it didn't work... and please don't laugh but would that be because I have set it to autologin as root...?
Gnome works in strange ways, check /var/log/messages file as well see if nautilus is crashing in some way/shape/or form that is the application that _draws_ your desktop(icons,etc)
I really would not autologin as root (even if it is possible). It really isn't that hard to type in a password ... and having root always logged in automatically is (in my opinion) NEVER a good idea.

I would not recommend that you even use the root login unless you need to be root for a specific reason.

I don't normally use root, except in terminal windows, as required to do network admin functions.
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