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Full Version: Good Linux Server?
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Im looking to build a good server. All I really need is file sharing right now. Does anyone know any good sites that tells what parts are compatible with linux out of the box? I dont want to spend time configuring drivers and such. Need about a Gig of Ram and 100 Gigs of space. I also need a tape drive and would rather find some hardware that works right with linux then buying stuff ill spend hours configuring.

Think SuSe 9.1 Pro would Do? Thanks
Hi there, I just ordered one of dell's low end servers with red hat linux enterprise. So far it has been an great machine and the cost was very low.

Check them out.
My biggest recomendation is to make sure what ever you decide to use doesn't have a VIA chip-set. Go intel of NVIDIA, for sure not VIA. Other than that, I wouldn't expect to much trouble from any major brand parts. Usually I run into problems when I try using generic parts.

My only other thought would be that you could try hitting somewhere like and seeing what they have, but that can be a little risky, but its cheap.
what do you think of these rack mounts from penguin computing?

I emailed them asking about getting a tape drive but got no response yet. 1300 bucks 1 gig ram 80 gig HDD SCSI card and Redhat 9 preinstalled
Please could you explain what it is you don't like about VIA chipsets in servers.
I have an A7V (VIA Apollo KT133 Chipset) MoBo, Duron 900 and 512MB Kingmax 150 SDRAM I am thinking of using for a Server.
Thanks. Neil.

the main problem with via is...the really bad history...(and still...some newer models are pretty screwed up)...

what I want to tell you is, that I had really big problems with via motherboard, I managed to get them running at a acceptably stable level, but it was a headache...

but that doesn't necesarily mean that your configuration is wrong, if it works with linux after some testing, then its ok...

it's just that , that with via you have to be picky with hardware (PCI cards, VGA cards...) , nowadays it is said to be stable, but since I had via for 2 yrs and had all sorta problems with gaming, and other stuff, I wont risk it again, I'm sticking to Nvidia Nforce2 , and Intel motherboards.

Robert B

ps.: just because someone says its bad and he wouldn't use it for server , it doesn't mean you will 100% fail if you try, it's just that...that there is a little risk with it, but it might happen that your combination will work ok, and without any hardware problems longer then my Nforce 2 based's all about bad history (if you ask me... smile.gif )
I spent an entire semester and way to many posts on this forum (I should go add it up some time) trying to get my buddies system to run Mandrake no less, one of the easiest systems to set up. He had a Soyo board with a VIA chipset and I couldn't get the on-board NIC to work, or any NIC that I put in the PCI slots. I was an absolute head ache. Not to mention you had to go into the BIOS every time to boot if and disable the on board RAID no matter how many different set ups I tried.

All I am saying is in my experience VIA has compatibility problems. If you have a working VIA set up run with it, thats great, but if you are looking to buy a new system, I am just saying, save the head ache and just buy NVIDIA or Intel.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't as high as I thought, but there are some 45 posts between Hughes and me trying to get this box to work, and I never did.
my MSI board works fine lol. Just thought about that, its Via.

Anyway anyone got any input on a compatible tape drive? only one I googled was 3 G's
I have two other MoBo's with VIA chipsets, KT333 and KT600. Sofar no problems.
The A7V 'spat' an electrolytic capacitor recently which I changed and it's going again. Tells me the rest need renewing.
People say, 'Why bother?'. I have a 'soft spot' for this MoBo.
Computers have gone the same way cars did a long time ago. How many people really need, 6 and 8 cylinder cars?
I bought the KT600 for my Daughter who is 'into' Graphics.
The A7V has it's (known) problems with IRQ's. Don't use 'Jumper free'. Do it manually, Ditto the Duron settings.
Also the chipset needs a heatsink. Mine came without one!
It just, keeps on going.

Thanks again.
I had a abit k7-raid for about two years, had a hell of time figuring out why windows would lock up. turns out it was acpi. Had to use APM for it to work right. The onboard RAID was great. was via chipset. I had two 20 Gig IBM 7200 RPM Deskstar's 512 MB PC133 RAM and a 1.1 Athlon thunderbird. That was the fastest proc when I got it. It crapped out for some reason I havnt figured out. No error beeps no nothing just cant get it to start. When I get some extra cash id like to get a AMD 64 and run a 64 bit version of linux, i heard the speed is very noticable. My celeron just doesnt cut it.
I use intel boxes or Dell boxes as most of my major linux servers ... and I usually build my own test machines.

The boxes I use for important (production) servers that need lots of processing power are:

Dell 2650

Intel Chassis ... Intel Board >>> OR >>> Intel Server Platform (already built)

For server test platforms, I use an intel chipset 7501, 7505 or 7525 boards.
For an individual server that doesn't need dual processor support, I would recommend Intel 875P Chipset boards...which supports ATX power supplies and P4 Processor.
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