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Full Version: Xp/mandrake Dual Boot Sata Query
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Hello all
Forgive me if this is in some 'how to' or FAQ that I missed, I couldnt't find anything in the newbies section either.

A while back I had a go at dual booting my XP box with Mandrake 8.2. This was on a system with 2 sATA drives, a 37.5GB master, and an 80GB slave. In the process of installing Mandrake (using Partition magic to prepare everything) I nealy lost all of my mp3s. Partition Magic solved the problem thankfully.
I want to make sure I'm sure of exactly 'how to' before trying again. So here goes with the questions.

Would the hard drives being sATA make a difference? I was going to install mandrake 8.2 again. (with xp I had to install a separate sATA controller first)

I'd prefer for the slave drive to not be touched (thats where my mp3s are), but isn't the linux swap partition best placed on a seperate physical drive than Linux itself? Would it be OK to put it on one physical drive with the linux partition EXT2?

If so, what would be the best sequence of partitions including boot-loader?

Do I need Partition Magic's "boot magic" if I'm going to install LiLo and or Grub?

Thanks in advance.

Personally, I would not use anything older than Mandrake 9.2.

Your swap partition should be ok on the Primary drive.

I would recommend that you install only 1 root partition(8gb-10gb) and 1 swap partition (max 1gb, 512mb probably OK) ... and have to boot loader update the MBR.
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