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So I'm still having trouble with permissions. It's not a hard concept to grasp, it's just that there seem to be a few quirks I'm unfamiliar with. Anyway, here's the problem:

I worked on a server once before where I had CGI files that generated various output files, from saved settings to actual HTML. However, on my own server, I'm having a bit of trouble. The CGI files aren't actually saving the settings or re-writing the HTML like they're supposed to, and the obvious reason is that the files don't have world-write permissions set. And who in their right mind would set them that way? blink.gif

But I know that on the server I worked on before, I had no problems with this; the files didn't have world-write permissions, but I could still write out to them with CGI. It was as if the CGI files had write permissions or something, but I'm not sure how to set that up. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
The files in question (that need to be written to by CGI or any other server process) need to be owned by (or have the group set to) the user that apache runs as ... and their permissions need to be 644 (if the owner is the apache server's user) or 664 (if the group is the apache server's group only).

See the httpd.conf file to see the uesr and group apache runs under.
Thanks a bunch; that's the second time you've helped me now. Setting the permissions like you suggest worked perfectly.

P.S. Are you really Torvald's twin? wink.gif
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