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Full Version: Linux Help...i'm A Newbie
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hello all...i'm not too familiar with shell interfacing and such...basically i have a server running rh8 and i need to determine what applications reside on it?? can anybody give me some insight on how i would go about doing this. from my understanding i can't start x-windows from my terminal service.

the command is


and you can check what processes are running by either typing


Robert B
thanks...i meant that due to our network settings i can't use x-windows. what about finding what applications are on the server but not necessarily running?? thanks all.
AFAIK there's no easy way to tell what packages have been installed, but you can use the common navigational commands to get around and look at stuff.

ls (LS) will show the contents of the current directory.
chdir (CHDIR) or cd (CD) will change your directory to whatever you specify.
pwd (PWD) shows you what directory you're in.

mkdir (MKDIR) lets you create a new folder.
rmdir (RMDIR) deletes a folder, and rm (RM) deletes a file.

ps (PS) shows you a list of processes currently running.
kill (KILL) allows you to destroy one of them, by picking it's number.

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