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Full Version: Running The At Command
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could anyone explain me how to use this at command (managed to learn how to use the date but how to do a command with it ?)

a example would be great

say.... make a dir today at 10:30am for example

help me

Robert B
there are different at versions ... I'll discuss the one on wbel...

first, create a script that works ... I saved this as /root/test_script:

cd /root
/bin/touch thisworked

then I did:

chmod 755 /root/test_script

so it can run ...then to run the script now, do this:

at -f test_script now

See if /root/thisworked exists ... if so, it worked! Now remove the directory like this:

rm -rf /root/thisworked

This time we will schedule it at a different time than now ....

at -f test_script 05:53am today

to see what is going to run ... do:


to remove something do:

atrm job_number
You can also pass in commands and then press Ctrl-d like this:

at 06:20am today

you will be at the at> prompt ... type in the commands, like:

touch /root/thisworked (followed by enter)

then press Ctrl-d and the command touch /root/thisworked will be executed at 06:20am today.
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