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Full Version: Visual Studio Under Linux Possible?
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I find myself in windows all weekend because I have to do some VB6 programming for work, anyone know of a way to run it under linux or if its remotely possible? thanks
You could use wine if you really want to use VB6, but what are you programming in? C++? because if all you need is an editor and compiler your way better off just using emacs and a command line. Or there are also VB-esk programs for linux. Its not going to run very will in wine and its going to be slow.

Read this thread...
Good VB Environment

Wine is going to be the only way to run true VB in linux, but if its just a piece of software your after, there are many other ways to do it.
its for windows machines in VB 6, I dont have a choice on language, its for work. But its all gui stuff and VB is usually the easiest and quickest way to get things done, and I definately dont want to waste hours programming window sizes etc. Ill try it on Wine, thanks for the link.
QT designer is the way to start.It is as easy as VB...but you should know C++ for that.

I have done lot's of QT programming and i am a great fan of code QT program's either scratch from code or you can use designer to create the interface and then just connect the function callbacks.

I would be glad to help you out,if you have any doubt.??

If you want to use GTK then glade can be useful.Here also you can use glade to create the interface and then hand write the function callbacks.

But QT is much more easier and powerful than GTK.(Actually this is one of the classics debates: Windows VS Linux,Emacs Vs Vi,KDE vs GNOME,QT Vs GTK.But nonetheless i have given my verdict.)

I think you should have posted it to the programming forum.Any of the admin's Plz move it to programming forum.

But the best thing about both QT and GTK can use any of your favourite language.Python,Ruby even perl.
Looks like Gambas can be a solution also.Actually Gamba also uses QT libraries for GUI..and the author wants to write the GTK bindings.(But his laziness???.)

Anyway..i haven't used Gambas..i am downloading it.And see how it works.But designer can be a really delightful experience.
These are VB programs for MS Windows, I know C but I havnt gotten to use it much. Can these IDE's be used to create software for windows? I got a feeling theres no way to do this in Linux, I dont want to have to switch to windows to test it. But if you can use it and its compatible for windows that would be great, I dont know a whole lot about Linux programming as all my teachers and my books have been Windows oriented (suprised?)

But when you mean GTK, isnt there a GTK for windows? I remember when I install gaim it installs GTK. Does that mean there is a possible run time library for it just like the VB run time? That would be great because im guessing my software would work across platforms? Let me know. Thanks for help

Sorry about forum I forgot they reopened the programming one.
Both GTK and QT comes for Windows also.
But the problem with QT ,is windows version of QT is not free.

thus you will have to use enterprise version of QT.But gtk is free for windows
Any language will run under GTK? The only IDE I have atm in KDevelop. One aspect I have to meet is time, that is usually why VB is chosen a lot of the messy programming is left out. If GTK can offer anything that easy for creating GUI programs I will definately check it out. thanks for your input.
Yeah...there are GTK bindings for Python,C,C++,Perl,Ruby,Csharp.
Thus you can choose any language(out of above stated) for GTK programming.

IDE is not a problem.You can use glade for creating the GUI interface for GTK( as you do for VB).And then click the build button.Which will create the sources for you.

Now you must edit the function callbacks.Callbacks are basically functions that will be called when an event occurs(such as you click a pushbutton).Thus you must have a handler for that event.Thus we have callbacks.

As you have said you know "C".I guess it should not be very difficult to start with.You can check gtk tutorial in your "/usr/shar/doc/gtk2-develxx/".

But if you want to do some huge project you must be a master of C.
I was just FreshMeating something like this. Check out this page, if you don't want to give up on VB.

GnomeBasic, a VB clone

Also, if you're far into GTK and don't feel like turning back!

Vb2C, a VB to GTK convertor

Perhaps you can compile linux binary ports with these!
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