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Full Version: Usb Mass Storage Devices
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ok im a half newbie
my prob is i have a usb to de adaptor and i wish to mount a hdd useing it. now im not a command line guru im a gui kinda dude and wish to be able to do it wiff the mouse, im useing fluxbox

linux ROKs (now if i could only get it to do what i ask)

So what is it you exactly want? The command to mount it or how to set it up with a GUI?

Regardless, the easiest way to do it is going to be to figure out the command to mount it and than add it to your /etc/fstab file so that it mounts automatically on boot.

First your going to have to figure out what id the system assigns to it. It will probably be sda1 or something very close to that. Plug it in and run the command dmesg see if you can find it in there.

If it doesn't show up than your kernel isn't recognizing it and we will have to work from there.

Otherwise try the command mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/whatever

of course if its an ntfs drive you will have to say that, if its a linux formated drive you can drop the -t and format type all togeather. You will also have the make the directory /mnt/whatever in advance.

If you get it working with the mount command let me know what command your using and the rest of the details and I will tell you how to set it up in your /etc/fstab file, unless you already know how to do that.

One last tidbit, remember the command to unmount is umount /mnt/whatever
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