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Full Version: Help Installing Knoppix
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I downloaded the Linux: "Knoppix" .iso, and burned it to a CD using "Fireburner". I started up my computer, and it booted from the CD. I am running in Linux: Knoppix right now, but, it is not installed on my Hard Drive. How do I install it?

as far as I know, Knoppix is so-called LiveCD distribution. It is meant to be run from a CD so people can try Linux without making any changes to their system. I have never heard of installation version of Knoppix, but I might be wrong on this one.

To run the knoppix installer, get into a superuser shell (hit Alt-Ctrl-F1, and log in as root) and type knx-hdinstall at the prompt. If everything goes smoothly, knoppix should install very well, with the exception of the Samba Internet Connection Sharing, that needs to be set up seperately.

Alternatively, you can browse through the KDE menus and find a couple options to install the swap file to the primary partition (C: of a windows drive), and to install some parts of the filesystem to it's own partition, in case you want to pernamently save files between CD sessions.

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