Hi... big newbie here... finally tried switching after being fed up with Windows. I don't know much about Linux but I'm willing to learn. I use Mandrake 10.

I've got a slightly annoying problem. After launching a game to try if my graphic card would work, the start button dissapeared from the taskbar and I don't know how to get it back. It's completely missing, yet it takes space (ie: other buttons can't be dragged all the way left).

If I try to add buttons to the taskbar, an invisible space is created, pushing all the existing buttons one space to the right, but the new buttons are not created. So now, after a few failed attempts, the whole left half of my taskbar is completely blank, yet I can't use the space.

As a newbie, the start button with all the applications and commands was very useful to me. And now it's gone. In the meantime, I can always press the Windows key on my keyboard, it makes the menu appear, but I'd still like the button back, and my taskbar functionning again. How can I fix all this?