Posted in Fedora section as well.

Have a clean install of Core 1 with the default, unmodified kernel; downloaded and installed nVidia's nForce driver (RPM for Core1 ); installed it as root and rebooted; kudzu came up with "New hardware found" and I set the nVidia LAN controller to get IP automatically and to be activated when the computer starts;

then as root, I went to "Network Device Control" and unchecked "Activate when computer starts" and hit "Save" to keep the change. An error message popped up that "modprobe nvenet failed, module not found".

well, as far as I know the module name should be "nvnet" but somehow Network Device Control refers to it as "nvenet". Is there a typo in some configration file? And how to fix it?

also, my DSL does not work; i used Internet Settings Wizard and setup a connection but at computer start-up a message shows: "ifconfig-ppp0 not found". Does it have anything to do with that suspicious "nvenet"? Somehow i feel it does.