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Full Version: Xine - Error Reading Nav Packet
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I am trying to run dvd's through xine-ui .99.2 on SUSE 9.1. I can play the anti-piracy clip in the program no problem (don't worry, it is a legit dvd tongue.gif ), but as soon as it gets to where the main menu should initialize, I get the following two error boxes:

First box: The amount of dropped frame is to high, your system might be slow, not properly optimized, or just too loaded.

Second box: The source can't be read......(Error reading NAV packet)

I ran xine-check and it mentioned things about making sure Xvideo support was good on the system, as well as Xserver. Unfortunately, do not know where to go to check or upgrade these.

Investigating the NAV error it lists thing such as:

video_out: throwing away image with pts...because it is too old (many times)
audio_decoder: error, unknown buffer type (a few times)

The audio/video work with the little clip before the movie, so this just confounds me. Any help is appreciated. I have tried looking online, and continue to do so, but came here to see if this has been encountered before.
Thanks..... ph34r.gif
What kind of video card do you have ... and what is your installed driver?
Also, have you installed libdvdcss ... see this link:

Also install (from YAST2):
OK ... I actually setup my xine to play DVDs ...

I had to remove all the xine programs (including totem and kafine) with rpm -e ... then download the following and install:

xinelib1-1_xxx (for your arch)


Then install them via:
rpm -Uvh xinelib1-1_xxx xine-ui_xxx

Then use yast 2 to reinstall kafine and totem...

So if installing the info in my secondpost doesn't work for you ... then remove all xine packages and install via these instructions
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