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Full Version: Htpasswd
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I just complied in

Server version: Apache/2.0.50

When i try to execute the command

htpasswd -cm svn-auth-file user1

it gives me the following error

htpasswd: could not determine temp dir

what could i be missing here
Not sure why it doesn't work ... but some things to try:

Does the user you are running the command as have write permission in your /tmp directory ... and to the svn-auth-file?

If that isn't the problem...

One suggestion I have seen is ... create a tmp directory in that user's home directory as well.
I just enountered this same problem myself. Has anyone figured out the answer? I tried performing the command as su but that didn't help.

I'd appreciate the help if anyone has figured out the solution.

I think the newest version of apache has a bug in it. I'm unsure how to fix this, but i've made a work-around. Basically, I took an older version of htpasswd, that I know works, from a different machine and overwrote the broken htpasswd file with the older one. You can download this file HERE, and it should temporarily fix this bug until someone else comes out with a definate fix.

Matthew Brooks
Co-Founder and CTO
I looked at the two files...just opened them..there seems to be a difference...mainly this line...

htpasswd.tmp.XXXXXX %s/%s User %s not found ---2.0.50 version
htpasswd.tmp.XXXXXX TEMP %s/%s TMPDIR /tmp User %s not found --2.0.49 version
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