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Full Version: Whitebox Und Gnome 2.6
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first errrr... how can one check what version of Gnome he has installed ?

second, is there a way to install Gnome 2.6 with yum ?

third, it must be only me.... but I'm having really big problems with themes (can't install em) and dunno why... I have tried several themes ... but even If I chose them via the theme manager (Gnome) it just won't be there....

Robert B
WhiteBox doesn't have Gnome 2.6 ... it uses Gnome 2.2.

The way I normally tell is do:

rpm -qa | grep gnome-desktop

I use that package version to describe which version of Gnome I have...

Whitebox is going to have an older version of Gnome and KDE ... because it is built for stability and long release cycle. If you want latest and greatest, you will need to use Fedora Core.

I don't normally do themes on whitebox machines (other than the default) ... but you should be able to use stuff from
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