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Full Version: Firefox Install Problem - Child Process?
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new to this Linux stuff (Mandrake 10) and I am getting a bit hot and bothered about installing software. I thought I had successfully installled Firefox (followed the instructions), under root but when it comes to running it I get this error;

Failed to execute child process "/usr/src/firefox" Permission denied

Dunno...tried chmod the executable file but to no avail. It doesn't work in either root or my main account.

On a similar level, I have installed Opera 7.52 and can only run it when logged in as root, and not my main account. I have tried changing permissions but it hasn't helped...both prgs are installed to usr/src. The firefox file is;


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
As a general rule of thumb ... you should put code you install from into /usr/src/dir_name ... and you should put installed code in either:






In the case of FireFox...there is a build already integrated into Mandrake 10 official (it is mozilla-firefox-0.8-14mdk).

Whichever Distro you use, I would recommend that you use that Distro's own method to install software and updates, and to use the programs available from that distro first ... and manually install software (like firefox) only if the Distro doesn't provide it.

If you haven't already setup Mandrake 10 to be able to get updates from Mandrake, I recommend that you do so following this post.

After you have configured urpmi, you can install FireFox for Mandrake 10 with the command:

urpmi mozilla-firefox

It will then be on the menu under Internet -> Web Browsers ... you will need to logout and back in to see it in the menu.
Also, the new version of firefox does not need you to use the method described in the guides forum.

It has an install script which does everything for you
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