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Full Version: Fluxbox
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hey i need help i installed fluxbox and it crashes gnome alot i need to know 3 things how do i
1-uninstall fluxbox
2-allow other users to use and modify files created by root
3-get a fast light desktop environment, it does not hve to be pretty once its stable andcan run on low memory.
1 - What distro do you use? I doubt fluxbox is making gnome crash though. You probally have a low memory system (judging from your 3rd question), which is causing that. Gnome is a resource hog.

2 - It depends on the situation. If you mean how can they use/write to files that you've mounted (like FAT32 or NTFS), then you probally want to edit your fstab file. Otherwise, just change the permissions of the files/folders in question (for example, if you created some files in /home/youruser as root, and want to be able to edit them, just chmod 777 filename (or if you want to change the permissions of a directory and all the files in it) chmod -R 777 folder. Or you could just change ownership (chown -R youruser yourdirectory) or chown youruser yourfile

3 - Fluxbox is a nice one, but since you don't seem to like that. I recently found a nifty window manager called fvwm, which I really enjoy. Try that. =)
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