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I tried using the GRUB bootloader, but it isn't working and gives me some wierd error. The only way I can get to Linux is to use the boot disk. Is there anyway to fix GRUB without reinstalling everything, or just getting rid of the bootloader completely so that my computer boots directly to Linux?

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I'm a new Linux user and just installed Redhat 8.0. My machine has two hard drives, one is dedicated to WindowsXP, and the other is dedicated to Linux except for a small NTFS partition used to backup Windows files. I installed the GRUB boot loader onto this second drive so it would not alter the MBR because WindowsXP seems to have issues when that gets changed. This should be fine since my BIOS will let me choose which drive to boot from. I had planned to set it to boot to the second drive, after which I could use GRUB to choose which operating system to run. Well, I had an error pop up when GRUB tried to run. The only way I can get into Linux is by using the boot disk, which is kind of a pain. Does anyone know how I can fix GRUB without reinstalling everything, or just get rid of it completely so it boots directly up to Linux when I tell my BIOS to boot from that drive?

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. I don't really know anything about Linux or how to administrate it.
u have a few option: way ,after installation grub can't be i would suggest to use ur
boot disk and reinstall linux but this time don't use grub but use lilo and write on the first sector of ur second hrd disk.
2.wait for utility called grub conf that allows the user to change these type of things after installation.check it on
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