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Full Version: Squid/cache Transperent
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I am new to linux and to learn and servive in new world working as assist.
and good on microsoft

Stared linux with redhat 9 shirke i686 install on p4

It is fine

now need to install squid :oops: for 19 clients

my connection is dsl
recived only id+ password and proxy
edimax modem/router +hubb 19 connected pc

no ip :?:

router ip this is as gateway
pc where i am is
dns primery

this is all what i have

And need some one help me to install and configure squid/cache for above atmosphere to run


NOT BIG BRAIN sad.gif :cry:

First, I would recommend that you use a version of linux that is supported. RedHat 9 is no longer supported officially by RedHat (see this link).

I would personally recommend either WhiteBox Enterprise Linux, CentOS or TaoLinux as your replacement to RedHat 9. They are RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 clones.

We have a guide HERE concerning how to install squid on WhiteBox Linux ... most of the steps will be the same for RedHat 9 ... except you will need to download the program RPMs from somewhere else when Robert does Yum install ... one good source is:

RH9 base install RPMs:

RH9 Update RPMs:
If you want to use WhiteBox, TaoLinux, CentOS ... download the binary ISOs from one of the websites, do Minimal install (at least) as outlined on my website HERE, then look at Robert's guide above.
thanks i will try what recomended

bit hard it takes 4 months to learn this redhat 9
but must i go through as advised
advise me what is the best so no change in next
also advise me help me about the following
in squid.conf
where i put my pc ip in which the squid is running
where i put my gatway router ip
As far as what you learned in RH9 ... almost everything is similar in the RHEL (and clone) products.

The good thing about either CentOS / WhiteBox / TaoLinux is that they are based on RHEL, with a long (18-24 month) release cycle ... with 5 years support for bugfixes / updates. The standard products (RedHat 9, Fedora Core) have a 6 month release cycle and 2 years support only ... so you are constantly changing.

I have installed SQUID, but robert83 is currently using it in production ... and he wrote the guide. I'll let him answer the specific questions you have.

I would definitely(?) reccomend that you do something about that Red Hat 9 of yours... why?

1. cause it has been officialy discontinued by Red Hat

- I just checked ,... you can still find apt-get for it here
but since I use Whitebox now everywhere (no Fedora Core 1 for me thanx smile.gif more, at least not for servers, I don't want silver (or is it white how you people say it) hair yet... ).

- Even if it's updated it might be (I had this question to Hughesjr and he told me the answer) that sooner or later you will have a system that is half Red Hat 9 and half Fedora Core 1 (and since Fedora Core 2 is out) and half Fedora Core 2, and that is no good....nothing good will come out of this.

If you have the chance to download it (broadband connection), or have some spare money (or if the company pays for it), whitebox enterprise linux 3.0 , CentOs and other Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 clones are worth their money....

they are "easy" to use , I mean they have a nice package management system you can become very familiar with, a nice little way to update stuff ... that yum thingie smile.gif .

and Whitebox Enterprise Linux (or CentOs I've heard CentOs updates it's packages eariler then whitebox does, but I still luv whitebox ) is very stable, I haven't had any problems with it, my squid is working ...let's see for 5-6 months now without any problems , it was only rebooted when I updated my kernel...

So for your own good, and if you plan on using squid in a company where it is critical that it's up and running all the time then get Whitebox Linux (or CentOS).

Robert B

for 70 computers I'm using a AmdXP 1700+
1024MB RAM ( cause I use Squidguard to block porn pages, and it eats up a lot of memory , 4 children = 4 squidguard running )
Nvidia Nforce2 (for their stability, somehow I just don't like via, I hate it)
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