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Full Version: Grub Boot Problem.
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ok, i made a silly mistake and deleted the wrong partition while i was in windows. and instead of deleting the one i wanted, it deleted my linux partition.

So now when i start my computer it just comes with a message and a... Grub> prompt.

Is there something i can type into that Grub> prompt to load up windowsXP so i can fix the partitions and reinstall linux?
Boot with Windows boot disk or installation cd and remove grub from MBR.

But if you are prepared to install Linux again,you need not to do that.Just boot with linux installation cd and install as it is.Just when you come to the step of choosing the boot loader make sure that Windows Xp parition is selected to boot( apart from linux native).

But i must say it it rather..awkward that deleting the linux partition screwed your boot loader from shouldn't happen.
it doesnt install the boot loader stuff (grub) on the same partition with linux?

because as soon as i pressed delete and stared at it for a second, after the inital, 'aw CRAP!' feeling, i just knew when i rebooted the boot loader would be missing, and it was.

or is it that the boot loader is still there and the GUI is just gone for it? because i cant say it really gives an error it comes up with grub, blah blah version blah blah, some more stuff. then Grub>

so i thought it might be something simple like boot hd0 or something.

but i'll try out what ya said. thanks.
If your boot partition was inside your root linux partition, then it deleted the execuable files for grub as well ... as they are located in /boot/grub

you might be able to boot by passing the following commands:

rootnoverify (hd0,4)
chainloader +1
But usually boot loader is installed in MBR and thus deleting a partition can't corrupt the mbr.Unless the first partition was deleted.
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