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Full Version: Gentoo And Network Time?
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Is there a way for Gentoo to set the time from a public time server?
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emerge -UuDp ntp

edit the file:


add a couple servers ... I use:


start it with:

/etc/init.d/ntpd start

after about 30 minutes, run the command:


You will be in a prompt ... run the command:


If you see the servers ... you should be good.

use the quit command to exit

then do:

rc-update add ntpd default

so it will start later when you reboot...
I thought you were going to be all jerk on me there and not finish. Thanks.
Ok, so my clock is still running about 20 mins ahead, I asume my bios clock is wrong, but thats not the point. The point is that the network time servers should have taken over my clock. How do I tell if the ntp is running and if its working?
Use the program ntpq

at the prompt ... type the command peers

Here is the output of my command:

ntpq> peers
    remote          refid      st t when poll reach  delay  offset  jitter
+navobs1.wustl.e .PSC.          1 u  396 1024  377  66.465  -5.376  0.815
*    .USNO.          1 u  300 1024  377  45.729  2.545    1.651

So ... I am -5ms (millisecs) from one and +2.5ms from the other server.
Ok, I guess some how the servers didn't get saved when I edited my conf file. Ups, o well, I think its all working now.
cool, glad it is working

(that never happens in vi smile.gif )
I love opening up old topics.

So I never got this working before, and now I revisited it, and I got it working fine, except its five hours off because its givining me zulu time. How do I adjust the time zone difference? I tried ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/CST6CDT but that didn't seem to do it. Ok, just add this to the list of little things I need tweeked.
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