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Full Version: Linux Upgrade From Remote Side
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Hi ..
Is it possible to upgrade Linux OS from Remote , for example using TELNET connection?

i tried to search google to find out if you could....but i wouldnt
recommend it at all..

but it depends on what you mean by upgrade.....
you can upgrade packages as needed...
which is fine and can be done..


if you want to upgrade from ....for example
redhat 7.2 to 8.0....

i wouldnt recommend it...even though its probably
Yes , I mean kernel upgrade . I also tried to find something in Google and redhat support , nothing about it .
But I think users realy would like to activate Remote Upgarde .
For example , I'm an Unix System Administrator of some average company which got a few branch offices all over the world. I want to upgrade my Linux machine from 7.3 to 8.0 from Main Office , I don't wanna take a long trip to all related countries , only for OS upgrade.
I guess , if this feature is not available today , its a big usability issue.

In my experiences, using Debian GNU/Linux is the best for administering remotely, due to the amazing apt tool. I run a server and I administer it completly remotely using ssh. You can upgrade your linux kernel remotely, it's not recommended, but it is quite possible. After you compile your kernel, and install it in /boot , you can edit your bootloader to accept it, and double, triple and quadruple check to make sure everything is just right, and then reboot. The last thing you need is a kernel panic on a remote machine.

Like i said, it's not recommended, but there is no reason why can't do it if you want.
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