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Hi guys i have a Motorola Sm 56 modem and i am running a system based on the redhat9
my kernal version is 2.4.22-1
i installed the rh9 drivers from motorola but they dont seem to work!
just tell me can i make that modem work with my linux?
I am very new to linux gaining pace,
so if i can please explain me the steps
Thank you
Try to get kernel 2.2 and your modem driver will work efficiently !

Your modem is a so-called Winmodem (soft-modem; controller-less modem); it is a cut-down variant of a hardware modem (controller-based modem) and they are designed and built to pass most of the signal processing to the CPU by using specialized, Windows-only drivers;

soft-modems for a long-time had no drivers for Linux; nowadays, there is some support available but getting a soft-modem to work with Linux is still a major undertaking, takes lots of trial and error and after all is not guarranteed to work;

you can try this but from my own experience, buying a real, hardware modem is your best option; hardware modems work flawlessly in Linux and even in Windows you should be able to get faster and more reliable connections;

whatever you do, good luck; keep posting if you have more questions

No 2.2 kernels ... that is NOT a Good idea.
WinModems are not Modems

Use the above info or Go here and see if you can find a driver for your specific modem:
Thank you I tried From many days and then asked you people,Now i think i must go for a new modem because i am tiered of that sick modem
Thanks Again
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