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Hi !!
I have just installed RedHat Linux 8.0 on my pc. Its a great OS. It can detect n configure many hardware.

However,it seems that it cant detect my Aztech DSL Turbo 100 Broadband modem and external Zip 100 drive. I used the detect hardware software and these 2 pieces of hardware did not appear on the list.

Do you know if Redhat Linux 8.0 supports these 2 pieces of hardware? If not,do you know which websites offer drivers for the broadband modem and external Zip drive for RedHat Linux 8.0 ?

Please reply as soon as possible ok? Thanks !!
what is manufacturer of your zip drive?and sorry at least till now ur hrdware Aztech is not supported by Redhat-8.but u can check out on
if anyone else has written driver for ur card.
by the way u can also check whether ur piece of hrdware(any) is supported by ur Redhat or not urself,u don't need to be a linux guru for that just go the website
I have to ask a question here to determine what kind of broadband modem you have. If it's and internal one the hooks up to a pci slot, you're probably out of luck. If it's an external, there are two more possibilites. If you have it hooked up by a USB port, linux would probably have trouble recognizing it. The other possibility is if it's connected via ethernet. The way my LAN topology works is like this:

Cable/DSL Router
Four port Hub
| |
| Pc Only
Pc/Linux Box

And it works fine like that. I'll have you know if your going for this strategy it's probably going to cost about $100. Basically all you're doing here is setting up the broadband as an external WAN link from somewhere else on you network, instead of going straight to your computer.
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