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Full Version: Novell Tech Resource Kit
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So, I finally got my tech resource kit in the mail the other day. But, it doesn't work for me. It came on 3 dvd's, and for some reason, my DVD player doesn't play certain dvd's.

I have a couple of dvd's that I own, some of them work no problem, but other's don't, even brand new ones.


Smashing Pumpkins videos, works fine every time
David Gilmore Live - works fine most of the time
Sopranos (Seasons 1-4) - works fine all the time
Simpsons (Season 4) - does not work at all, any time, any of the dvd's
Novell Tech Resource - does not work at all, any time, any of the dvd's

My dvd player is an LG (not sure of hte model number), has anyone else heard of this?
I didn't get mine in yet ... when I do I'll see if I can split into CD's....
I got it fixed, i did a firmware upgrade on my dvdrom and now they all work!

The Suse Linux Enterprise server 8 cd with Nterprise linux, groupwise, redcarpet server, console one are all iso's on the dvd, so, they're ready to be burned.
I received mine in the mail today.

Mine not here yet ....

Maybe tomorrow
Thanks to this firmware upgrade, i can finally watch my simpsons season 4 dvd set. woot!!

It is good to see that you have your priorities set correctly laugh.gif
David Gilmore Live - works fine most of the time

So you too...a Pink floyd fanatic...I am just wondering how many exists.Any of you know..what Roger Waters does,if it is all David Gilmore show???I hear that he writes lyrics.Is he alive(not David Gilmore but Waters)??? What about Barret is he alive??
Actually, i'm not a Pink Floyd fan. I went to a party once, and the host had a huge widescreen HDTV and had this DVD on, and I loved it. I'm a sucker for live accoustic music, so this was the perfect fit for me. I only knew a few songs on the DVD before buying it.
YEA .... My technical resource kit is here now. too!

I was starting to think that they didn't like me smile.gif
Today i got my piece....I was started to think that they are not shipping outside American continent. smile.gif
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