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Full Version: Dual Hard Drives
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I have a friend who tried to put Windows XP onto their computer ( the computer had Win 98 on it and has two hard drives ), when they did this some thing went wrong and they can no longer use the operating system. Now I have the Fedora Core and like it and my friend wants me to put it on the computer when I fix it, if I can. What I am curious of is this: I have been told that it is best to install a Windows OS first if you are going to do a dual boot of windows and Fedora Core. Is this what I should do in this situation as well ? Or should I be putting them on different physical hard drives ( asthey have two in this machine. Should I put the windows OS on the "C" drive ? and the LINUX on the "D" drive? Or do I have to put both OS'es on both drives? I should point out also that I am going to be putting windows ME on the computer as I suspect that the copy that they had tried to install may have been corrupted ( it was a burnt copy, and had never been installed on a computer that they knew of.

Thanks in advance if you can help. . .
What I do with my dual boot system is I have windows on the master drive and linux on the slave. It can work either way though. Really it can work any possible way you could think of. You only need one install of each (you don't need both on both disks).

I would recomend putting linux on the slave and windows on the master, that way they can each have an entire disk to themselves. It is often best to install windows first since it will over ride your boot loader than you need for linux. So go ahead and install ME and XP on the primary hard disk, than when you have that done, go ahead and put Fedora on the second.

A couple more suggestions, I would suggest putting a small FAT32 partition on one of the drives for moving things between linux and windows, two, make sure you install the boot loader to the MBR of the primary hard drive (IDE0, or hda depending on what lettering system), and last, if for some reason you need to install windows after the fedora install and it over writes your bootloader, you don't need to reinstall linux, you can just use a rescue CD to re-install the bootloader, I think Fedora has an option for this on the first install disk of the ISO set. Just type rescue at the prompt.
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