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Full Version: How Would You Use Aol With Linux?
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yeah, I know AOL is horrible, but I'm not the one who picks out which internet service I get. I cant get online with it while using a linux machine, and it gets really annoying. I cant use tools such as pengaol, because I'm using the ltmodem winmodem driver (which works fine with my modem), and I think it only works with wvdial... nothing else i've tried works with it. unless there's a way to crack their password system i'd say im pretty much screwed with this problem... either that, or if I can get my winmodem driver to work with other networking programs (i.e. pengaol or redhat's configuring tool). thanks.
Try Peng also called PengAOL, it should work.
I havnt used dial up in a long time but cant you just get the phone number and dial in with any program using your username and password?
Some (Juno comes to mind) you cannot. The only way to do so would log on with their program (while having PPoP logging enabled), and you can find the username/password you need.
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