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Full Version: How Do I Set Up Samba To Share 3 Dir's W/14 Users?
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Hi I recently set up my first linux box... sort of. I have red hat linux es, I have it showing up on my windows xp network and the one user I entered can log in to the drive. I used the xfree windows gui and it seemed awful difficult to set up this one user.

Is there an easier way? Can I allow a group full unrestricted access?

This server is going to be used for autocad drawing storage and different people have to have full access to these drawings.

Thanks for the help


PS if there is a guide in place here already please point me in its direction
First what version of SAMBA are you using?

Next if it is Samba 3.x you can use ACL's to setup group permissions.

If you are using 2.2.x you can still create a group and map that drive to the goup i.e @groupname.

There is alot of documentation on the Samba site (
samba version 3
Does your Network have a domain controller or is it just a work group?
I have a router at address that is both the internet gateway and dhcp server the router is set up to start assigned IP addresses after

All my xp machines and win 98 machines are set for set IP by dhcp and have the same workgroup name.

My current file server is a simple windows 98 machine running unrestricted share on 3 harddrives.

THe server I'm trying to setup is a dell machine that came with linux enterprise 3 installed.

I think I will assign the linux box a permanent IP of say, then try to setup my shares again. Then try to figure out how to add everyone in the easiest way.

Sorry to bug you guys but I'm learning as I go. I know this is supposed to be simple but I had to read a book to find out how to do a directory list heh..
I'm such a goober, I finally figured it out. I was making it harder than it actually was.

Thanks all
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