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Full Version: Video Dilemma
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Hey all

I recently installed slackware 10 on this old dell latitude cpxh laptop, and its all configured, except for the video. it has a rage mobility p/m (8m vran, 2x agp), and im having a helluva time getting it to work. im running kernel 2.6.7 (compiled, not patrick's version) and i compiled the r128 driver right into the kernel, but when i set the device driver to r128, it fails to load. ati doesnt provide the linux rage drivers anymore, and the only place ive found it is dell's website as an rpm. i tried force installing the rpm with --nodeps and then trying the r128 driver, but still no luck.

any ideas? thanks smile.gif
This may sound silly. Did you rpm2tgz before you tried to use the driver?
ok, i tried changing it to a tgz, but i realized all it does is extract a preconfigured xf86config file. i compared the two and the dell one doesn't have any device drivers defined in the device section, which is odd, and doesn't help me.

ive found ive been able to boot up into X using the generic ati driver ("ati") but ti doesnt provide any performance improvements, glxgears still runs about 80 fps, the flurry screensaver and slow as crap, and dvds dont play (i get dounf, but not picture)
I don't recall that ATI has ever had 3D driver for those cards...

The support you are compiling into the kernel is probably framebuffer support .. not 3D support.

But, you might try this site,
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