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Full Version: Need Help With Kde Or Gnome
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ok. I like redhat linux and KDE and/or gnome. KDE is faster than gnome, but still slow on my 63mb RAM 667mhz machine. I have featherlinux installed now, but it doesnt have the "wide-support" I'm looking for. also, I'm on dial-up, so getting another window manager is out of the question for me (I got my cd's from a friend, due to the same problem). so is there a way to make it run faster? it can take 1-20 minutes to load something (it can take 5-30 with gnome) and It really annoys me. I've looked into other (small) window managers, but they need many many packages that don't come with redhat "out of the box" and, as I said finding and getting those packages can take 30 minutes to an hour on 56k. Im pretty much stuck... Another big thing with me moving back to redhat is that it's easy to install winmodem support with a patch, unlike other systems which dont have a package installer (mainly feather/damnsmall/other mini distros) so, any help on speeding things up would be nice.... having such a sucky pc and internet is horrible. thanx.
Hello there!,

well....this might be a serious problem then... you know Red Hat 9 with Gnome and KDE (which is not that old) is like running windows XP GUI....all those effects take up a lot of the system needs some ram to function as well....with 63MB ram it's quiet hard to run GNOME or KDE fast (impossible), I would reccomend enlightment, if you could somehow get it....

the problem is, which you can see youreself... just type in a terminal or console
that almost no free memory available for the other they use swap....and that is slow even on a fast hard drive....

you can either somehow get enlightment....or get some used 128MB sdram modules...

Robert B
If you go into K menu (start menu) and go into settings and find Desktop Settings Wizard, there is a screen where it asks you to choose the amount of "eye-candy" you want in your desktop. Set that all the way to zero and it might help you a little bit.

I would really suggest going with Enlightenment of Fluxbox though, thats what they are designed to do.
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