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Full Version: Downloading And Deleting Files
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Ok. I have SUSE kde. I am wondering how i download programs and delete programs that I dont want. thanks!!!
SuSE has rpm based installs just like RedHat and Mandrake. When you find a program you want, they will always have a binary install, also called a tarball install. However, some programs will also have an PRM based install. What you will need to do is find an RPM for your exact system (SuSE 9.1 or 9.2 or whatever), don't try to use a RPM for another system, it wont work.

Then the command rpm -Uvh file.rpm should work for most rpm files.

Otherwise you will need to use the source tarball. First you have to unpack the tarball
tar -xfvz

Then there are usually three commands to run to install a program, although reading the readme file is always recomended. The three commands are usually
make install

As far as removing programs, rpms are usually pretty easy. You can use the command rpm -qa | grep whatever to find installed rpms than rpm -e whatever to remove it.

As far as removing binary installs, well, somebody else will have to help you with that because I have never really done it. I tend to just leave it as long as its not bothering me.
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