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Full Version: How To Install Grub
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i have installed Windows 98 and Redhat Linux 9 in my system, set password for grub. but i lost my grub password. i want to reinstall the GRUB. Can anyone help me with the detailed procedure for reinstalling the grub.

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If you have grub installed already what you will need to do is edit the grub.conf file to change or remove that password.

Grab a copy of knoppix off the web (, you can use that to boot up and mount your linux partition. Than edit your /boot/grub/grub.conf file to change or re-move the password.

So wile doing this you will probably realize how easy it is to get around a grub password. I would recomend taking your CD-ROM out of the boot order and than locking your BIOS with a password if you haven't already. Goodluck.

If you need to re-install grub, there is an option for than on the RedHat install CD, just type in rescue at the boot promt.
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