If you think you found the book that answers your questions....well it is because You haven't seen this: Agustin's Linux Manual written by Agustin Velasco...This is the definitive step by step guide which teaches one how to start your Linux installation....Administration, Multimedia, Networks and servers....

But the best of all the series is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and available for download. Have you heared about it....No huh

Last week our group was trying to setup a set of servers including Apache, FTP, DNS and Postfix mail we didn't realize the trouble we where into..So I started checking the web for how to solve our issues with Postfix and DNS....We were almost giving up of having our own servers when pingo I found it. The definitive guide! Agustin's Linux Manual. Volume 4 was the key to us our solution, our aswer whatever you want to call it.

The original thread I found is located here: http://justlinux.com/forum/showthread.php?...threadid=129647


If you are new to Linux, or want to further your knoledge, or set up a server this is your starting point! or what can't you afford to download this for free? just kidding folks!