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Full Version: Wireless Card Problems In Mandrake
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I installed mandrake 10 and everything seems to be working fine. but when booting eth0 (my NIC supposedly) and eth1 (wireless card) always fail and I have to "iwconfig eth1 essid networkname" to get it to work everytime.
after I do that I can browse fine.
its a sager laptop with onboard prism a/b/g wifi
and shouldn't it be wlan instead of eth? from what I've seen anyway.
any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated
If everything is working when you issue the command manually, probably the best thing to do is this:

edit the file /etc/rc/d/rc.local

and at the bottom (after the current last line in the file), add the following line:

/sbin/iwconfig eth1 essid networkname

I assume that iwconfig is in /sbin (I don't have a wireless card in my Mandrake 10 test install) ... do the command:

which iwconfig

and if iwconfig is in a different directory, replace the path to iwconfig with the results.
The reason I recommend doing it this way is that the problem is probably the order that things are loading ... and rather than risking breaking something (like hotplug detection), you can just try loading it last ... after all the modules are loaded.
did you mean /etc/rc.d/rc.local?
I assume you did but I don't wanna hose the wrong file.
and yes, it's in /sbin/

yes, he ment /etc/rc.d/rc.local

Robert B
ok that seemed to do it.
however when booting eth0 fails and so does eth1 (my wifi) but on eth1 it seems to hang for along time before failing. but once it's up and running it seems to work.
what do you think is causing that?

and on an urelated note...why are the fonts so tiny when I'm browsing in linux as opposed to windows? the fonts on this forum appear particularly tiny.
i'm using firefox btw
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