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Full Version: New... And Confused
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i have recently installed mandrake linux 10.0 in dual boot with win xp.
so far so good... now i come to install my modem, which i checked over and over would be compatible with linux. its the alcatel speedtouch USB. so i downloaded all the files, booting and re-booting with win xp and trying new things. however, when i try to compile the files from there is a message which sais something like.. "no file usr/linux/.config" i know that this file is the configuration for the install processes (right?) i have browsed (with konquerer) to usr/linux/ but all there is in this folder is another folder called RPM's. how do i create this .config file so that i can install things? i'm in a real muddle!
also, is there a good place to find an RPM to install my modem? Linux seems pretty bleak without the whole world of the web!

thanks in advance
BTW the . means hidden. So you shouldn't see the file by browsing.
The .config file is used by make to configure the kernel options for compiling.

You need to install the kernel source files. You can use Mandrake's package manager to install the source rpms. If using KDE its on the menu somewhere. I'm not running Mandrake at the moment so I do not know the exact menu location.
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