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Full Version: Weird Network Slowdowns
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God I hope someone can help here. I can do some weird stuff but this takes the cake. First, I know this sounds goofy but it IS happening, some people don't believe me.

My problem is this. I have a linux laptop (Redhat 8.0) and 3 servers all connectd on a LAN with a 100meg switch. I also have a fast internet connection as a default route out of the network. When I first installed linux I could FTP files from any of the 3 servers at normal speeds (3000-5000kB) for a LAN. Now I can only pull between 60-80 kB from any of the 3 servers, but wait it gets better.
The 3 servers can pull normal LAN speeds from each other and from the internet, The laptop can also pull good speeds from the internet 600 - 2000 kB (told you it was a fast connection. I have swapped all the cables around and all the ports on the switch. I cannot figure out why the laptop cannot pull normal speeds from an IP on the local LAN but can pull normal speeds from the internet. I cal also go home on cable modem and pull faster speeds from server via FTP than I can when attached to the local LAN. Is there anything I could have screwed up to somehow do this?? I have looked everywhere on the internet I can find for a simular problem but can find none.

Pleeze help,

P.S. If there is any additional info I can give please just ask and I will be more that glad to.
Like I though, the problem was all in the linux box. Formated put Win XP back on the laptop and now the downloads are fine. Guess it's time for RedHat to go back on the shelf.
its it was the linux install..what exactly was the problem that you figured it out to be
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